• Unknown God

    Unknown God 2011年11月10日

      Humans can' t "know" God. If it is knowable, it is not God. God, the infinite existence, is the great unknown,

  • Mystery and the Unknowable

    Mystery and the Unknowable 2011年11月9日

    The mystery of the universe is with the unknowable. Only what human wisdom can't reach and know is mystery, and it is unkn

  • Reality of Death

    Reality of Death 2011年11月8日

    Death is the undeniable reality. It is the essential reality, the fact, and it has no falsity or deception. However, mos

  • Corruption of Knowledge

    Corruption of Knowledge 2011年11月7日

    Excessive knowledge corrupts human mind. Because knowledge is just the past, and it is never new. Knowledge is already

  • Open Mind

    Open Mind 2011年11月4日

    We humans must be free, and respect each other’s freedom. If we meddle in each other or force a way of life, we can’t have

  • Your Own Path

    Your Own Path 2011年11月4日

    ‘To live’ is not to follow textbooks written by others. ‘Life’ should be discovered and created by yourself. If you do

  • Root of Agony

    Root of Agony 2011年11月2日

    The root of agony is nothing but ‘ego’. Obsessing over self is the source of agony. We obsess over ‘self’. ‘Me’, self’,

  • Find Out Your Own Life

    Find Out Your Own Life 2011年10月27日

    Any role models of others are not necessary to ‘live a life’. You don’t have to imitate or copy someone. ‘Life’ should be fo

  • Old Thought

    Old Thought 2011年10月26日

      Thought is constantly old. Thought is memory, and memory is from the past. Thought is repeating memorized matters, and it

  • Desire for Self-Achievement

    Desire for Self-Achievement 2011年10月25日

    Human mind has a desire to ‘become like this’. It’s a desire for your ideal and self-achievement. The root of the desire

  • Obsession over Memories

    Obsession over Memories 2011年10月25日

    Human mind obsesses over the past memories, because the past memories are ‘self’.   We possess our prestige, evaluations or

  • Basement of Meditation

    Basement of Meditation 2011年10月21日

      Meditation is not repeating words or chanting a sutra. Besides, if you think “Well, I will begin to meditate now”, it is no

  • Eternal Creation

    Eternal Creation 2011年10月20日

    Truth of everything --- It is happening at the moment of ‘now’. All activities of everything happen ‘now’. Activity of ever

  • Observe the Spirit

    Observe the Spirit 2011年10月19日

      Human spirit has various problems. Fear, anxiety, sorrow, conflict, despair --- As long as you are tied to such feelings, y

  • Happiness of ‘Nothingness

    Happiness of ‘Nothingness 2011年10月18日

    Those who cling to their possessions can never be happy, because whether the possessions are spiritual or material, where th

  • Open Meditation

    Open Meditation 2011年10月14日

    Meditation is not tied to particular religions or teachings, but it is equally open to all humans. Meditation begins pure

  • Facing Emptiness in Mind

    Facing Emptiness in Mind 2011年10月13日

    The void emptiness in mind is hard for us. We can’t endure our inner emptiness, so we are always driven to some activities

  • Breaking Down Self-Obsession

    Breaking Down Self-Obsession 2011年10月12日

    Breaking down self-obsession is breaking down the past self. Besides, it is putting an end to the greedy self. We live in

  • Listen to the Voice of Life

    Listen to the Voice of Life 2011年10月11日

    Life and the universe are one. Life is the universe, and the universe is life itself. Not only humans and animals are liv

  • Field beyond Intellect

    Field beyond Intellect 2011年10月7日

    The fathomless, the unknown --- It is the unknowable mystery by human intellect.   Human brains are mainly activ

  • Word and Silence

    Word and Silence 2011年10月6日

    Meditation is the movement arising in silence. Silence is the spiritual silence and spiritual tranquility. If the spirit

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