Connection between Mind and Memory


Mind and memory are closely connected.
It can be said that mind moves through memories,
and mind is movements of the past.

Mind can imagine the future,
but it can do so only because of the memories.
Without memories, we couldn’t image the future.
In other words, mind is memories.

Mind depends on memories.
And when mind is tied to memories, you lose freedom.
Because when mind obsesses over the past memories,
chaos of feelings such as fear, anxiety and conflict comes.

Mind is the past memories.
It is the past pleasure, delightful memories or feelings of happiness,
or agony, bad memories or sorrow.
What kind of memories they are, you have no freedom if you remain tied to them.

Freedom is releasing the mind from the past.
Mind and the past are one,
so being free from the past is being free from the mind itself.
That means you have freedom only when the mind becomes completely quiet.
Mind wouldn’t reflect on the past.

When mind is completely still and silent, you don’t hold the past any more.
Then, you live ‘at this moment’.
Where you live ‘at this moment’, there isn’t any chaos of mind.
Because the mind is totally silent.
Peace of mind and freedom lie within this silence.

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