Mystery and the Unknowable


The mystery of the universe is with the unknowable.
Only what human wisdom can’t reach and know is mystery,
and it is unknowable forever.

What you can memorize and recognize
is not unknowable.
The knowable is never any mystery.

Memory is the past like knowledge.
The past is knowable and fixed.
Mystery can never be known, so it is always new,
and the incessant newness is the entity of ‘life’.

Things truly existing are constantly new,
and the incessant creation of the universe.
Humans can’t get to know the great mystery and wisdom of the universe.
The eternally unknowable is the mystery of the universe.

Only when the mind is unknowable,
it is in the same dimension of the wisdom of the universe itself.
Being unknowable is the state of ‘knowing nothing’,
and this state is, in fact, the ultimate wisdom.
Because then humans are in the same infinite dimension of the universe itself.

When you become the motion of the universe, and the universe becomes yourself,
you have nothing to ‘know’ or ‘self” who knows something,
but only the eternally unknown mystery of the creation lies.

There is only one life, the nameless universe.

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