Open Mind


We humans must be free,
and respect each other’s freedom.
If we meddle in each other or force a way of life,
we can’t have any essential free life.

Respect freedom of others and be free yourself.
Having an open mind is important for that.
It is a mind which is open.

If the mind meddles in others, tries to control them
and breaks their ways of living, it is just disorder.
Open mind doesn’t meddle in anything, accepts other people’s ways of living
and admits them as they are.

It is important to respect freedom of others
by accepting others as they are.
If we have such an open mind and respect each other’s freedom,
we would have order.

Forcing and disturbing others’ ways of living are meaningless.
Such acts are just selfish ego and the same as violence.

Keep your mind open. Don’t try to meddle with others by the mind.
By doing so, you become free, too.
Because your mind doesn’t obsess over anyone, anything, any more.
This leads directly to generosity, gentleness and beauty of mind.

Open mind purifies the heart, nurtures virtue and cultivates wisdom of humans.

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