Corruption of Knowledge


Excessive knowledge corrupts human mind.
Because knowledge is just the past,
and it is never new.

Knowledge is already known and it is the old past.
The old has nothing fresh and stiffens the mind.

Even if you cram words written in textbooks and various books into your head,
You could never enrich your mind.
The new is the unknown and unfathomable.
It is constantly new, because it is unknowable.

Only the mind which remains in the unknown doesn’t corrupt.
Therefore the mind is full of freshness and surprise,
never gets bored or stiffens.

Only such mind encounters the great mystery of “life”.
The mind which is tinted by knowledge would never encounter the unknown mystery or divinity.
Because both mystery and divinity are beyond knowledge.

The innocent mind which “doesn’t know anything”
can intercourse incessantly with the unknown mystery of life,
and it has the true richness of life.
The mind full of knowledge is rather poor,
and the more knowledgeable you are, the less pure and innocent the mind is.

Only the mind which is pure and innocent without being tinted with knowledge
truly encounters the “life” and sees the great mystery.

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