Observe the Spirit


Human spirit has various problems.
Fear, anxiety, sorrow, conflict, despair —
As long as you are tied to such feelings, you can’t have freedom of mind.
To solve problems of human spirit,
you must understand movements of spirit.
Besides, to understand movements of spirit,
you need to observe movements of spirit by yourself.
Observation is realizing movements of your own spirit and sensing them,
and the realization and the sense are necessary to understand spiritual activities.
Sharp realization and sense give deep insight to humans.
This insight is important to understand ‘humans’ and the ‘spirit’.
Without the insight, you can’t understand.
By observing, realizing and having an insight,
we begin to clearly understand problems of human spirit by ourselves.

What are causes of a feeling of fear?
Conflict, sorrow, anxiety, anger, impatience —
What are causes and sources of all the other chaos and disorders in mind?
To understand them, you need to observe everyday.
Not observe for a definite period,
but be constantly aware of movements of mind in your daily life.

The incessant observation and awareness
give deep insight and understanding to you, and change you.
The changes come from observing everyday.

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