Obsession over Memories


Human mind obsesses over the past memories,
because the past memories are ‘self’.
We possess our prestige, evaluations or popularity
in our memories.
Delightful pleasure or satisfying experiences for us are
also stored in our memories.

After all, we possess the past and cling to it.
It is the obsession over memories and the memories are ourselves.

We integrate ourselves with the memories.
For example, if we obtain prestige or evaluations, we integrate ourselves with the memories.
This is because the memories enhance ‘self’. 

We cling to every past and various memories
and integrate ourselves with them,
so we are afraid of losing the past and the memories.
We fear of losing ‘self’ at the same time.

If we keep on integrating ourselves with the past memories and clinging to them,
we would never have any freedom.
Because where there is self-obsession, fear always lies.
Look at this truth —
In other words, look at the truth that we can’t get rid of our fear,
as long as we integrate ourselves with the past memories.
The realization of this truth cuts off the chain of obsession in mind.
Look at what is true and live the truth.
This is the only absolute way to freedom.

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