Field beyond Intellect


The fathomless, the unknown —

It is the unknowable mystery by human intellect.


Human brains are mainly activities of thought,

and thought is in the field of the known.

Brains are storages of knowledge and memories, and thought comes from there.


Brains which only works within the field of the known

can’t find out the unknown beyond knowledge.

To put it more simply,

brains are just materials, so they can’t get to know things beyond materials.


The true entity, the great dimension beyond materials

don’t have any rooms for this or that of brain activities,

because brains always remain only within the field of the known.

The unknown can’t be fathomed by the known brains.


When the brains completely calms down and every thought stops,

it becomes possible for the unknown dimension to open up.

The unknown mystery is constantly there,

but the known activities of thought obscure it.


To feel the unknown,

intellectual activities on the ‘human side’ must end,

for the field of the unknown mystery is beyond human intellect.


When we let go of every intellect and the intellect on the human side becomes completely empty,

we can live in the field of the unknown.

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