Unknown God



Humans can’ t “know” God.

If it is knowable, it is not God.

God, the infinite existence, is the great unknown,

and it can’t be known forever.


Any recognition, perception or idea is not God.

God is the existence which can’t be recognized or perceived.

In other words, it is beyond human brain,

and can not be captured by the brain.


It is impossible to capture God by knowledge or words.

Therefore, even by science consisting of knowledge and words,

neither God nor divinity is explicable.

Primarily, God is the eternally inexplicable existence.


It is inexplicable, so it is infinite

and unknown.

What you can recognize is not God.

What you know is not God.

What you can memorize is not God.


It is meaningless to try to “know” God.

Because it is unknowable.

When you don’t seek any, don’t seek even God

and your mind becomes completely silent and empty,

“it” would appear spontaneously.


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