Root of Agony


The root of agony is nothing but ‘ego’.
Obsessing over self is the source of agony.

We obsess over ‘self’.
‘Me’, self’, ‘atman’ or ‘ego’ — all of them are the same.
This obsession over self causes agony.

We always think self-centeredly and live as we like.
Our own satisfaction, delight, pleasure, experience,
future, achievement, accomplishment or success.
Many people cling to ‘self’.

However, where there is self-obsession,
fear, conflict and anxiety lie at the same time.
Our own fear, conflict and anxiety about losing delight and happiness.
Our own fear, conflict and anxiety about not realizing desire or purpose.
Our fear, conflict and anxiety about collapsing future, ideal or success.

Moreover, feelings such as anger, sorrow, despair, nihility and impatience
all come from obsession over ‘self’.
We are tied to the chain of negative feelings by self-obsession
and live in the sufferings.

Ego like me, self, atman or selfhood is the biggest barrier for humans,
and as long as we cling to them, our sufferings never end.
It is very important to look at the truth and realize it.

Understand deeply the main sources of self and the structure,
and put an end to the biggest barrier called ‘self’.
Acquire the true freedom in mind.
Only by doing so, the entirely new dimension of way of living begins.

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