• Interest in the Universe

    Interest in the Universe 2011年10月5日

    Are we interested in the mystery of the universe? The universe is life and the sum of things.   Most people are

  • Endless Pursuit

    Endless Pursuit 2011年10月4日

    To live is to learn and pursue incessantly. Do we learn ‘life’? Do we pursue it? Or do we spend days just loosely?  

  • Explosion of Creativeness

    Explosion of Creativeness 2011年10月3日

    Creativeness is the revolution of life and incessant blooming of the new. If you are immersed in the past knowledge, tradition

  • Obsession over Life

    Obsession over Life 2011年9月30日

    Most of us obsess over our lives. It is natural for humans to think “I don’t want to die”. However, this very obsession over lif

  • What is Mediocrity?

    What is Mediocrity? 2011年9月29日

    What is mediocrity for humans? The spirit to follow others, believe others’ words easily, and conform to them is mediocre. The

  • Great Silence

    Great Silence 2011年9月28日

    To encounter the mystery of the universe, silence is necessary. If your mind is filled with words and thought, it doesn’t have

  • Fear for Nothingness

    Fear for Nothingness 2011年9月27日

    We are afraid of empty nothingness. We are afraid of losing pleasures and mental supports which fill our mind. Our mind alwa

  • nexperienced Mystery

    nexperienced Mystery 2011年9月26日

    Mystery is unfathomable and unknowable. Therefore, it can’t be objects to satisfy the mind, because what satisfies the mind

  • Agony and Growth

    Agony and Growth 2011年9月22日

    Agony and growth are the same one.   By agony, we learn truly important things.   The more agony we have

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