• What is Free Life?

    What is Free Life? 2011年12月16日

    What is free life? If your mind clings to something, you are not free. Mind clinging to something means that you obsess ov

  • Creation of the World

    Creation of the World 2011年12月15日

    We live in the world of creation. The world incessantly continues the creation. It is said that “The world was created”,

  • Transcend Thought

    Transcend Thought 2011年12月14日

    Meditation is motion beyond thought. Thought is merely memory, and it remains being based on the past knowledge forever. Kn

  • Pleasure and Spirit

    Pleasure and Spirit 2011年12月13日

    Life only with pursuit of pleasure would be just mediocre. It is immature to pursue only pleasure, and whether it is worldl

  • Open the Door to the Unknown

    Open the Door to the Unknown 2011年12月12日

    The sacred mystery of the universe is in the unknown dimension. It can’t be known or touched by human intellect. The unkno

  • Limitless Meditation

    Limitless Meditation 2011年12月9日

    Meditation is limitless. It always expands and stretches, and it is the everlasting motion of discovery and creation. Med

  • Solitude and Meditation

    Solitude and Meditation 2011年12月8日

    True meditation always happens in solitude. Beauty of meditation doesn’t appear in groups. Meditation is motion happening i

  • Solitude and Meditation

    Solitude and Meditation 2011年12月7日

    True meditation always happens in solitude. Beauty of meditation doesn’t appear in groups. Meditation is motion happeni

  • Feel Entity

    Feel Entity 2011年12月6日

    To find out entity, you must be free from biased thought and outer influence. If you are affected by others’ opinions or

  • Live Today

    Live Today 2011年12月5日

    Life is uncertain. We yearn a lot from the future and the days ahead, and live spurred by ideal or ambition. Or we live wit

  • Limit of Thought

    Limit of Thought 2011年12月2日

    Human thought can’t encounter mystery of life. Mystery is in the dimension beyond materials, but thought is material. Becaus

  • Awakening to Reality

    Awakening to Reality 2011年12月1日

    Meditation is motion to transcend imagination and images. Our mind builds many images, but images and imagination are not “r

  • Abandonment of Experience

    Abandonment of Experience 2011年11月30日

    We experience a lot. It may be physical or spiritual. However, no matter what kind of experience it is, it is transitory a

  • Human Spirit and Nature

    Human Spirit and Nature 2011年11月29日

    What makes human mind sound --- It is nature. Nature is a pure life, and its appearance and motions make the mind rich.

  • Awareness and Meditation

    Awareness and Meditation 2011年11月28日

    To be “aware” is important for meditation. Without awareness, there is no meditation. Be aware of everything --- Be aware

  • You and Humanity

    You and Humanity 2011年11月25日

    Each of us humans carries the world history. Race, heredity, culture, tradition --- these are ourselves. Our spirit has b

  • Divinity of the Universe

    Divinity of the Universe 2011年11月24日

    We live constantly surrounded by sacred mystery of the universe. There are planets and stars in the sky, while diverse anima

  • Journey to Discover Truth

    Journey to Discover Truth 2011年11月22日

    Pursuit of truth and the process of enlightenment are extremely hard. All enlightenment has agony. We discover real truth th

  • Spontaneous Meditation

    Spontaneous Meditation 2011年11月21日

      Meditation is not to be tackled by your will or intention. Where there are will and intention, desires are found,

  • Live as the Universe

    Live as the Universe 2011年11月18日

      Life is not something we could control as we like it. The universe moves regardless of human intention or will.

  • Infinite Blankness

    Infinite Blankness 2011年11月17日

    Life is pursuit of life and discovery. To pursue and discover ‘life’, the mind always must be empty and fresh. Infinite

  • Entity of Life

    Entity of Life 2011年11月15日

    Entity is a thing which truly exists. It is not artificial or fictional. Entity is a life itself and nothing artificial.

  • Listen to LifeListen to Life

    Listen to LifeListen to Life 2011年11月15日

    Have you ever listened to life? Voice of life, song of life, has been incessantly sounding in this world. Voice of life i

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