• The World is Living

    The World is Living 2012年3月2日

    ‘The world’ is living. It is never stationary. It is always moving and living. The world is living. Life is moving from

  • Regard God

    Regard God 2012年3月1日

    What does regarding God mean? It is to regard ‘life’ and ‘being’. Then, what is ‘life’? What is ‘being’? They are ever

  • Unknowable God

    Unknowable God 2012年2月29日

    We can not ‘know’ God. Besides, we must not know it, because it is beyond every intellect. God is the existence which can

  • Preciousness of Sensitivity

    Preciousness of Sensitivity 2012年2月28日

    Spirit which can sharply and deeply feel ‘life’ is extraordinary. Feeling ‘life’ is feeling reality itself. Besides, feeling

  • Understand Yourself

    Understand Yourself 2012年2月27日

    It is important in living to understand yourself. Understanding yourself is understanding your problems in mind and biased pe

  • Transcend Agony

    Transcend Agony 2012年2月24日

    To agonize is mentally hard for us, but then again nothing makes us mentally grow than it. It gives us understanding. We

  • Intercourse with Mystery

    Intercourse with Mystery 2012年2月23日

    We try to think everything according to knowledge. Of course, knowledge is important to live, but we should transcend it to

  • New Way of Living

    New Way of Living 2012年2月22日

    In the modern societies, many people have the way of living fixed in custom and cultures. They live as if there were only suc

  • Walk Alone

    Walk Alone 2012年2月21日

    In the world of religion and spirituality, many people only rely on others’ teachings and books. Besides, they easily believ

  • Feel the Order of Life

    Feel the Order of Life 2012年2月20日

    The universe moves in accordance with certain order. This order has been since the primordial universe, by which everything

  • Clear Mind

    Clear Mind 2012年2月17日

    True beauty of humans is the selfless mind without any ego. And the selfless mind is completely clear. The clear mind is p

  • Sympathy for Nature

    Sympathy for Nature 2012年2月16日

    It is important to sympathize with nature while we live, because nature is life itself. Taking no interest in nature is taki

  • Unchanging Truth

    Unchanging Truth 2012年2月15日

    No matter which era we live in, we remain the same “humans”. Besides, the human “truth” remains the same as well. Trut

  • The End of Pursuit

    The End of Pursuit 2012年2月14日

    We seek many things and try to know them. It is the same with the spiritual and religious world, and many people may pursue

  • Spirit to Feel Reality

    Spirit to Feel Reality 2012年2月13日

    What is the sprit to feel reality? Reality is never imaginary. Therefore, products of imagination and imagining deny reality

  • Sense in the Different Dimension

    Sense in the Different Dimension 2012年2月10日

    There is a sense which is totally different from senses we usually have. It is not a usual sense felt in this world, but

  • Mind to See God

    Mind to See God 2012年2月9日

    What is the mind to see God? God is the unknown and infinite existence. It can neither be known nor memorized. If it can,

  • Sacred Space

    Sacred Space 2012年2月7日

    “Space” is extremely enigmatic. We are usually not conscious about it, but “space” is really mysterious. Everything exis

  • Miracle of the World

    Miracle of the World 2012年2月6日

    It is the great miracle that the world exists. Are we feeling this miracle? Most people are lacking in sensitivity, so th

  • Innocence

    Innocence 2012年2月3日

    What is the innocent spirit? That is the mind which is constantly fresh and never loses curiosity. It isn’t trapped by any h

  • Transcend Void in Mind

    Transcend Void in Mind 2012年2月2日

    Human mind has a void. It is like the blank feeling of emptiness and bottomless darkness, and may be agony and fear for us.

  • Hear the Voice of the Universe

    Hear the Voice of the Universe 2012年2月1日

    The universe is “living at present”. It never stands still even for a second. It continues to create at this each moment.

  • Sleep and Purification

    Sleep and Purification 2012年1月31日

    Sleep works to purify the brain and the mind. While we sleep, we don’t sense anything. If we don’t dream, our senses remain

  • Mind to Feel Mystery

    Mind to Feel Mystery 2012年1月30日

    Mystery of life is in casual daily life. This world has no “matter of course”. We live in the mystery called “the world”.

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