Facing Emptiness in Mind


The void emptiness in mind is hard for us.
We can’t endure our inner emptiness,
so we are always driven to some activities and experiences.

Why does the mind suffer from the void emptiness?
Emptiness — the blankness, loneliness, harshness, nihility in mind.
People are always afraid of the vast nondescript ‘nothingness’.
The nothingness is darkness in mind and bottomless nihility.

Bottomless nihility in mind —
This is what humans most fear, isn’t it?
We try to escape from it and don’t want to face it.

Bottomless nihility is exactly the ‘death’ itself.
That is empty nothingness, total nothingness,
and we can’t endure the ‘nothingness’.

Endless amusements, enjoyment,
just pleasures or incessant urges for activity seen in the world
are escapes from empty ‘nothingness’ and come from the fear.
The root for urges which drive us for activity is in fear for nihility.
Fear for nihility brings out the incessant urges.

Unless we understand this,
we would always be afraid of nondescript nihility
and live with the fear.

Face the inner emptiness and don’t afraid of nihility —
Face and understand the compelling fear and anxiety in mind.
By pursuing and deepening the understanding of our mind and spirit,
we would truly find out ‘freedom’.

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