Live beyond Words


To start a new journey of discovery of life,
you must not be tied to restrictions or meanings of words.
For example, if you are tied only to words,
you couldn’t find out true meditation.
What is meditation? What is true meditation at all? —
Each of us should discover it
and should not be taught it by others.
If you are tied only to words, you couldn’t discover any new life.
‘Life’ should be pursued, discovered and found out by each of us.
The discovery has no ‘fixed route’.
It is discovered and created uniquely by you.

Dressed-up words such as ‘God’, ‘mystery’ and ‘divinity’
offer you some spiritual satisfaction or elation.
However, if you are tied to the fixed words and fascinated by them,
your spirit would be buried in illusions and falsity.
Words are in danger of making your spirit sleep.
Pursuit and discovery of life come from infinite silence beyond words.
By emptying all words, their meanings or contents,
and by being entirely blank, a true journey of discovery of life begins.
The word ‘God’ is not God.
The word ‘mystery’ itself doesn’t mean anything.
It is important not to be restricted by any words
and not to break the infinity of your spirit by them.

Great creation and true mystery lie beyond words.

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