Listen to the Voice of Life


Life and the universe are one.
Life is the universe, and the universe is life itself.

Not only humans and animals are living
but also stars, stones, grasses and flowers are equally miracles of life.
At the same time, every voice in the universe is a miracle of life, too.

Have you ever listened to the voice of life?
Whispers of the wind, murmurs of the river, sound of the falling rain, tweets of birds —
The universe sings each moment.
It is a miracle of life and creation.

Listen to the singing voice of the universe.
Do we have the mind to just quietly listen to it?
The world is full of mystery every moment.
Whether we feel the mystery depends on the mind.

If your mind is trapped only by your work and amusements,
you couldn’t listen to the voice of the universe.
Why is human mind so poor as it is now?
Have most of the modern people lost sensitivity toward the mystery of the universe?

If you can’t listen to the mystery of the universe or feel the miracles of life,
your life would be too poor and lack in spiritual richness.

Life is full of miracles and mystery.
The universe is always singing the song of miracles of life.
The mystery and the miracles of the universe and life turn a sacred light on our mind.

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