Basement of Meditation


Meditation is not repeating words or chanting a sutra.
Besides, if you think “Well, I will begin to meditate now”,
it is not meditation.
Seated contemplation or praying to God is not meditation, either.

Praying or chanting may calm your mind,
but they are just self-hypnosis after all.
Where there is will, there are human desires,
and the desires are based on ego.
Praying and chanting a sutra are artificial and intentional,
and doing them unconsciously involves ego of self-achievement and self-protection.
If you think “I will begin to meditate now”,
it is just an intentional and self-deceiving motion.
True meditation is not intentional and has neither beginning nor ending.
Things with beginning and ending are intentionally made up by humans.
Meditation is living each moment with the flow of ‘life’
and paying attention, just quietly seeing and hearing.
Just seeing, hearing and realizing are
pure actions without being intervened by any desires,
and the pure action is exactly meditation.
However, if you will ‘see’, you have a desire.
Just to ‘see’ and ‘will see’ are different.
Just quietly seeing, hearing and realizing are pure actions,
and desires to acquire or to experience are not found there.

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