Live with the Abandonment of Everything


The more you possess spiritually, the less peace of mind you have.
Because where there are spiritual possessions, fear is always found.
It is fear for losing what you possess.

We have various spiritual possessions.
They are satisfying experiences, pleasure or delight.

We have spiritual possessions in human relationships such as friends, family or lover,
spiritual possessions from the world such as prestige, honor or popularity,
and other spiritual possessions such as money, occupation, status or spiritual experiences.

We cling to various matters and obsess over them.
However, where there are those possessions, fear is always found.
The more the mind gains, the more we are afraid of.
Because the more we possess in mind, the more we lose.

We fear for losing our possessions in mind while we live,
and once we lose them, we grieve and despair.
This process includes an endless chain of fear and agony,
and the mind is tied in the jail. Only sufferings would lie there.

What can we do to live without fear or sorrow?
That is living with the abandonment of all possessions in mind.
It is to possess or seek nothing and to live with nothing.

The way of living beyond fear, sorrow or despair
is the way of living with the complete abandonment of all possessions in mind and self.

Total abandonment, possessing nothing in mind and empty mind have
true freedom of humans.
It is our own desire and ego that keeps on afflicting us incessantly.

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