Find Out Your Own Life


Any role models of others are not necessary to ‘live a life’.
You don’t have to imitate or copy someone.
‘Life’ should be found and created by each of us.

Where you follow and imitate teachings of somebody else, you have no creativity.
What matters is ‘discovering your life’.
You have only a way of life that only you can lead.
Besides, you have a state of mind that only you hold.

Find out, discover and create your own life.
You don’t have to imitate ways of living of saints,
and you don’t have to follow words of famous thinkers or religious leaders in the world.

You will be ‘the only new person in the world’
and must be completely independent to be so.
All of us are creators of life
and can discover new senses which haven’t ever been.

If you find out and discover a life by yourself,
books written by others, any religions or words of saints
would be necessary for you,
because you discover your life alone from zero.

Your life is delightful because of your new discoveries,
and the creativeness has infinite possibilities of life.
These infinite possibilities consist in each of us.
It is everyone’s uniqueness.

There is a world which only you can find out.
It is the only life of your own in the universe.

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