Word and Silence


Meditation is the movement arising in silence.

Silence is the spiritual silence and spiritual tranquility.

If the spirit is murmuring, it doesn’t have silence.


Our spirit is usually bustling around.

It murmurs and fusses up and down whenever possible.

Anxiety, worries, fear, impatience —

In the incessantly moving spirit, there is no true peace of mind.


Our spirit is full of words and tied to words.

It is tied to words told by ourselves and by others,

and the brains are filled with words and thought.

In such a state, there is no room for meditation.


Meditation is the end of words and thought,

and the unknown movement arising in the silence.

Spirit is just murmuring of words and thought,

and as long as the spirit is murmuring, true meditation doesn’t come.


Spirit trapped in words is

a slave of negative feelings

such as anxiety, fear, conflict, sorrow or anger —.

Feelings break the peace of mind,

and the beauty of meditation is broken at the same time.


To happen the true meditation,

we must understand the spirit full of words at first

and be ready for silence and tranquility to come naturally.

Meditation is a movement welling up from the silence of mind,

and in the fathomless depth of silence, creativeness of life is found.

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