Reality of Death


Death is the undeniable reality.
It is the essential reality, the fact,
and it has no falsity or deception.

However, most of us are afraid of death.
We turn our eyes away from it and try not to look at it.
Death is the reality, and nobody can escape from it.
Looking away from death is looking away from reality.

Where you escape from death, there are delusion and falsity.
Where there are delusion and falsity, no truth is found.
Truth is the reality of life itself.
Life is the reality, and without the reality, it is not a life.

The reality of life is exactly the bare reality.
It is the life called death and the absolute reality.
Truth lies where the reality is truly found,
and truth is the bare reality itself.

Trying not to see death is escaping from reality.
It is escaping from reality and also life.
Because death is a part of life, or rather the life itself.
Death is life, and life is death, they are the same one motion of life.

Can you accept the essential reality of death?
Can you live with the reality?
If not, your life couldn’t have any truth.

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