Eternal Creation


Truth of everything —
It is happening at the moment of ‘now’.
All activities of everything happen ‘now’.
Activity of every life, motions of planets, change of weather.
All of them appear ‘now’. 

Appearing ‘now’ —
It is the creation of the universe and the explosion of miracles of life.
Movements of everything and life don’t have the past.
All movements of everything happen ‘now’
and have neither the past nor the future.
Movements of everything don’t ‘go back’ or don’t ‘repeat’.
Everything appears ‘now’, disappears ‘now’ and appears again ‘now’.
Everything doesn’t have time.
Only human mind has time,
and it is reflected as memories and thought. 

Memories and thought take root in the past, and the past isn’t ‘now’.
Life is ‘now’ and doesn’t have time unlike human mind.
‘Now’ has truth,
because truth is living.
‘Life’ is ‘now’ living each moment,
and everything continues to create ‘now’ forever.

What transcends every time and doesn’t have time is the eternity.
The universe, life, is the eternal creation.

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