Open Meditation


Meditation is not tied to particular religions or teachings,
but it is equally open to all humans.

Meditation begins purely from ‘humans’,
and it is not in manmade things.
Even if you belong to particular traditions, cultures or religions,
you don’t have true meditation.

Meditation doesn’t have any conditions or subordination,
therefore it is open to all humans beyond time.

Meditation belongs to neither you nor others.
You can’t make it a doctrine or put it in a mold.
Doctrines or things fixed artificially in a mold
take away infinite possibilities of life humans essentially have.

Meditation is not done in a group or an event.
It comes in a free individual,
and it doesn’t have any limitations or conditions.

Meditation is unconditionally open,
and it is not taught or borrowed by anyone.

Meditation is a spontaneous activity coming from free spirit.
It is happening each moment regardless of time or place,
and it is constantly paying attention to every moment and realizing every moment.

Realizing is awakening of spirit,
and the awakening is exactly the meditation.

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