Old Thought


Thought is constantly old.
Thought is memory, and memory is from the past.
Thought is repeating memorized matters,
and it always remains only within memories.

‘Life’ is new each moment,
and it is never repeating the old.
Present of ‘now’ is completely new.
However, when there is thought, the newness is covered,
because thought is the past of memory.
To see the totally new ‘now’ clearly,
the old motion of thinking must stop.
Thought is old and known,
but ‘life’ which is happening now is constantly new.

To feel the new,
the known must end.
Only when there isn’t the known, the unknown new is found.
By ending thought, the door to the unknown opens up.
Mystery of life is not within the frame of thought.
You can’t grasp any mystery of life by thinking.
To find out the fathomless dimension of mystery,
all of the known should end and the brain must be empty.
This ‘blankness without thought’ is infinite,
and the unknown incessantly reveals itself in that blankness.

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