Happiness of ‘Nothingness


Those who cling to their possessions can never be happy,
because whether the possessions are spiritual or material,
where there are obsessions with possessions, there are always fear and agony.
Those who possess more fear more.
It is the fear for losing possessions.
Not only material, but also human relationships, jobs, future, ideals,
self-satisfying experiences, pleasures or amusements —
all of these are possessions of humans. 

The more humans possess, the more the mind fears.
Human mind is driven by the desires to get something,
and things acquired by the desires form a hotbed of fear in the course of time.

Human mind repeats desires and fear,
and keeps on moving within this same frame.
It is always running in circles and repeating sufferings in mind.
What is freedom of mind, true peace of mind?
It is the empty mind, the mind of nothingness.
Empty mind doesn’t fear,
because it doesn’t lose anything.

Empty nothingness has true peace of mind.
It is the state beyond desires, fear or conflicts,
and it is freedom of mind of complete ‘nothingness’.
Human happiness doesn’t consist of acquiring something,
but of being empty nothingness with the abandonment of everything,
because happiness is the perfect peace of human mind.

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