Breaking Down Self-Obsession


Breaking down self-obsession is breaking down the past self.
Besides, it is putting an end to the greedy self.

We live in the grips of self.
And self is all of the past self.
The past memories, happiness, experiences, satisfaction —
All of these past make ‘self’.

Is there any self if we don’t have the past or its memories?
The past maintains each of us,
and the very past ties the mind.

Obsessing over the past is trying to protect self.
We cling to the past because we want to keep it.
It is self-obsession, and where there is self-obsession, there is always fear.
The emotion to worry losing self is fear.

Then, can we break down such self-obsession?
Can we break down the ‘self’ which is the source of fear?
Unless we understand and end the obsession,
the freedom of mind would never come.

We transcend the past and find out the true freedom
by understanding and learning our own mind.
Freedom is not found in obsessing over the past.
Freedom is found where we transcend all of the past and all of the self.

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