Desire for Self-Achievement


Human mind has a desire to ‘become like this’.
It’s a desire for your ideal and self-achievement.

The root of the desire for self-achievement always contains fear.
Human mind is afraid of ‘empty self’.
In other words, it is afraid of ‘self of merely nothingness’.

You can’t bear vacant self or empty self,
and the motion of mind which incessantly seeks self-realization and self-achievement
is driven by the root of fear.

As long as you fear, you can’t have any peace of mind.
Even if you have reached self-achievement,
then you are afraid of losing the achieved ‘self’,
and just make up new fear again.

Clinging to self is
making up fear, anxiety, sorrow or conflict at the same time.
To live without such sufferings or chaos in mind,
you must stop clinging to self.

Only the complete self-renounce brings freedom of mind.
Life without fear, anxiety, conflicts or chaos in mind is
a way of life which doesn’t have self, a selfless way of life,
and it is a life that seeks nothing as ‘mine’.

Complete freedom of mind consists in renouncing and emptying self.

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