• Silence and Mystery

    Silence and Mystery 2012年1月27日

    Great mystery of life lies in silence. The universe itself is silence which dwells in everything. The unfathomable and unk

  • Learning from “Death”

    Learning from “Death” 2012年1月26日

    “Death” is the end of senses. We live with senses. Life is the content of senses itself, and it forms each one of us. I

  • Sensitivity toward the Unknown

    Sensitivity toward the Unknown 2012年1月25日

    The world is full of the unknown. It is the entity which has been called “God” since ancient times and in the dimension unfa

  • God in Small Life

    God in Small Life 2012年1月24日

    Life dwells in everything. Not only humans and organisms are life. Life dwells in all that exists in the world. Even just

  • Miracle of Existence

    Miracle of Existence 2012年1月23日

    Are we aware of miracle of existence? “Existence” is extremely noble and life itself. The world exists. Life exists. Thi

  • Untied to Words

    Untied to Words 2012年1月20日

    To see “existence itself”, we should see with the abandonment of words. For example, when we see a rose, seeing it through t

  • Mind to Feel “Now”

    Mind to Feel “Now” 2012年1月19日

    “Life” is found neither in the past nor the future. “Life” is alive “now”. Life is exploding at the moment of “now”. Th

  • Transcend Sorrow

    Transcend Sorrow 2012年1月18日

    Life has various sorrows. We feel it when we lose something important or when we lose our own future. Misfortune and dest

  • Equality of Life

    Equality of Life 2012年1月17日

    Every natural life is equally valuable. It doesn’t mean some are valuable and others are not. All existence of life is equal

  • Innocent Sensitivity

    Innocent Sensitivity 2012年1月16日

    The more innocent the mind is, the more easily you feel mystery of the world. Having the innocent mind is being able to s

  • Creation of Life

    Creation of Life 2012年1月12日

    Life is something each of us discovers. Each one of us is a creator of life and there are as many originalities as the numb

  • Existence of the World

    Existence of the World 2012年1月11日

    "Existence of the World" is an extraordinary miracle. It is not matter-of-fact. It is unthinkably full of miracles. Why

  • Flowers’ Way of Living

    Flowers’ Way of Living 2012年1月10日

    Flowers' way of living ... It doesn't seek or want anything, But exists just selflessly. Flowers don't have any desires

  • Transcend Time

    Transcend Time 2012年1月6日

    Spirit living at present doesn’t have the past or the future. “Life” is neither the past nor the future, but the reality of e

  • What is the Significance of Life?

    What is the Significance of Life? 2012年1月5日

    You try to have the significance of living. You try to find out the significance of living and to hold it for support to live

  • Infinite Mystery of the Universe

    Infinite Mystery of the Universe 2012年1月4日

    The universe is full of mystery. The existence of the universe itself is great mystery. Besides, there is numerous life in t

  • Spirit of Non-Possession

    Spirit of Non-Possession 2011年12月29日

    Nothing is clearer than spirit of non-possession. The possession here means the possessions humans have in mind. Humans

  • Fear for God

    Fear for God 2011年12月27日

    We humans are afraid of the uncertain. At the same time, we cling to what we know. It is because what we know is everything

  • Being Alone

    Being Alone 2011年12月26日

    True religious quality is cultivated in solitude. Deep silence of spirit lies in being alone. In groups, deep silence doesn’

  • Doubting Mind

    Doubting Mind 2011年12月22日

    You should have the doubting mind. Because this modern world is full of falsity. If you accept the status of the world, you

  • Spirit Tied to Pleasure

    Spirit Tied to Pleasure 2011年12月21日

    This modern world is full of amusements. Television, radio, movie, music, game, event etc. We live depending on many amuseme

  • Look at thought

    Look at thought 2011年12月20日

    Noise in human mind is noise in thought. Where there is noise in thought, there is noise in mind. Human thought is incessa

  • What is Free Life?

    What is Free Life? 2011年12月19日

    What is free life? If your mind clings to something, you are not free. Mind clinging to something means that you obsess ov

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