Your Own Path


‘To live’ is
not to follow textbooks written by others.
‘Life’ should be discovered and created by yourself.

If you don’t live in your own life,
your life would have only imitation and conformity.
You can create your own life.

In order to discover and create your own life,
your spirit must be free from every external influence.
If you conform to your society, culture, traditions and so on, you can’t create any.
If you only follow your parents and teachers, you can’t discover any free life.

In this world, there are various thought, religions, teachings, traditions etc.
However, if you belong to such things,
your life would be the totally same copy of life of others.
Is it a ‘life’ to imitate and copy others?
Is there creativity where you live with the same though and ways of thinking as others?

Discover your ‘life’ by yourself.
Create your ‘life’ by yourself.
Create your ‘world’ only you can find out.
Discover, feel and create your own ‘life’ by yourself.

That is ‘to live’ truly.
It is a life without any conformity, imitation or subordination.
Transcend every society, culture, tradition, thought, idea or sense,
and find out the entirely different way of living and dimension of life.

Get away from everything, transcend it and start exploring your life alone.
The independence and singularity of spirit create the totally new human
and bring in the great revolution to senses all over the world.
Revolution of life begins with individuals, with each of us.

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