Live as the Universe



Life is not something we could control as we like it.

The universe moves regardless of human intention or will.


Humans can’t control nature.

Nature continues to move as it is.

Rain falls and wind blows by the power of nature,

and we are powerless in front of the power of nature.


Life is an existence living as an individual independently.

It is working and motions of the universe.

Death comes to all creatures by the solemn working of the universe.


We must accept all realities of life.

Nobody can escape from the reality of death.

No matter what natural disaster occurs, it is a part of the working of the universe.


All events in the universe are real,

and whatever happens, it is the solemn providence of the universe.

Have the mind to accept the solemn providence of the universe.

Accept everything about life including the reality of death —


That is to live with the providence of the universe

and to become the universe itself.

Then you are a life and death

and live as every motion of the universe.


When you are the universe, you are eternal.

Because the universe is endless eternity.


When the individual of ‘you’ disappears and exists as the whole universe,

there is a dimension beyond life and death.

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