Infinite Blankness


Life is pursuit of life and discovery.
To pursue and discover ‘life’,
the mind always must be empty and fresh.

Infinite possibilities come
when the human mind itself is empty.
Empty mind is to have neither knowledge nor the past
and to have completely blankness without anything.

The blankness in mind and empty space are found,
therefore the acceptability for new discovery of life comes.
There is empty blankness, so the new discovery of life is found.
If the mind is full of knowledge, there would be no new discovery.
Because knowledge is the past, and the past is already known.

Spirituality belongs to the unknown dimension.
It can’t be captured by knowledge or brains.
By clearing away knowledge, memories and all the past
and by emptying the mind completely, infinite blankness appears there.

The infinite blankness in mind is the basement of meditation of life.
Because meditation is to find out the new.
It is always new and not found in the past.
Infinity of mind is infinity of meditation.

Life is discovery and creation.
It is everlasting meditation, pursuit and learning,
and happens due to the infinite blankness in mind.

Infinite blankness in mind makes possibilities of life limitless.

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