Awareness and Meditation


To be “aware” is important for meditation.
Without awareness, there is no meditation.

Be aware of everything —
Be aware of not only outer events
but also of inner motion in mind.

In order to be aware, observant spirit is necessary.
You can’t be aware if the spirit is just sleepy.
You can’t sharpen awareness
if you have fear and anxiety in mind, either.

To be aware is to perceive “life” better.
If you are not aware of anything, your life merely flows away.
“Life” has the fathomless depth,
and it is open to infinite possibilities and creativeness.

Humans can sense the depth of “life”
by being aware of “life” better.
In order to feel the depth of life, meditation is inevitable,
and meditation is the motion which explodes by the maximum awareness.

To enhance awareness, the spirit must be quiet.
The quiet spirit enhances awareness.
Therefore, you should first understand chaos and disorder in mind — in other words, anxieties, fear and sorrow —,
end them and have free spirit.

Free spirit brings deeper awareness.

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