Journey to Discover Truth


Pursuit of truth and the process of enlightenment are extremely hard.
All enlightenment has agony.
We discover real truth through agony.

You could find out no truth, suffer from empty vacancy
and be at a loss.
Being at a loss and caught by nihility or vacancy are agonizing.
Everyone may want to escape from the agony.

However, in order to discover truth by yourself,
you must overcome your own suffering.
Even if you are at a loss, you must not escape from it,
but remain patiently in the suffering and survive it.

It is you who find out truth,
and who understand the enlightenment through your experience by yourself.
You must overcome your suffering and agony in mind.
That is the true learning and maturity as a human,
and leads to the light of truth in the course of time.

When you are at a loss, suffer thoroughly and overcome it,
your life might be in the entirely new dimension.

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