Open the Door to the Unknown


The sacred mystery of the universe is in the unknown dimension.
It can’t be known or touched by human intellect.

The unknown mystery of the universe is impossible to “know”.
Mystery is unknowable,
so what you know and recognize is never mystery.

Mystery is unknowable and unrecognizable,
therefore knowledge is not mysterious at all.
The knowable is the past old and merely memory.

The unknown door opens up when all of the known ends.
By emptying every knowledge and memory,
limited sense ends.

When limited sense ends, the new door of life opens up.
It is the door of the unknown mystery.
Sense gets out of “the known field”,
and pass into the “unknowable infinite field”.
This is the revolution of sense and the birth of new sense.

This new sense always remains within the field of the unknown.
It has the eternally unknown and new,
and the sense has fathomless infinity.

Those who open the door to the unknown and live in the field of the unknown mystery
live in the totally different dimension while living in this world.
Only such people encounter God and the universe.

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