Awakening to Reality


Meditation is motion to transcend imagination and images.
Our mind builds many images,
but images and imagination are not “reality”.

Imagination in the head is only unrealistic,
and it is tainted by desires such as wish, ideal or thirst in mind.
Only the spirit which doesn’t see the reality becomes a slave to images.
Taking too much imagination is immature
and complacent delusion in the unreality.

Meditation is far from such petty images and imagination.
Where you meditate, neither images nor delusion by imagination is found.
Meditation lies only in living the true reality.

Realize that fiction by images and imagination is merely false
and that it is never reality.
Besides, understand clearly that you have no reality
and that you have only delusion and illusion, if you don’t live in the reality.

The realization and understanding detach the spirit from falsity and delusion,
and equip you the power to face only the reality as it is.
It is important to see falsity as falsity and to transcend it.

Meditation is to cut off every falsity
and motion to burn out every falsity and delusion.
Meditation is to face only the true reality,
and it is the awakening to reality.

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