Entity of Life


Entity is a thing which truly exists.
It is not artificial or fictional.
Entity is a life itself and nothing artificial.

What is inevitable —
It exists regardless of man-made things.
What exists inevitably is a life and the universe.
It continues to exist regardless of our will.

Modern world is full of various artificial things.
Behind amusements, enjoyments or pleasures in the world, something artificial lies,
and it never exists in real.
What really exists has existed since before the dawn of humanity.

Falsity and delusion cover entity.
The more we immerse ourselves in artificial matters,
the less the life has entity.

Our society is biased only toward artificial things,
and the existence of essential life and the entity are almost neglected.
Rather, many people haven’t even realized the entity.

Entity is truth and true reality.
The sacred — it really exists.

In order to feel entity clearly,
we must separate our mind from falsity and delusion.
Then and only then, we could live with the entity.

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