Live Today


Life is uncertain.
We yearn a lot from the future and the days ahead,
and live spurred by ideal or ambition.
Or we live with vague anxiety toward the future.

We are not guaranteed to be alive tomorrow.
Why do we dream about tomorrow, and fear of tomorrow as well?
Is there really “tomorrow”?
Or are they merely images and imagination in the head?

“Tomorrow” is imagery we picture in the mind.
If we have no imagery, thought or image,
is there “tomorrow” at all?
“Tomorrow” is ideals, wishes or delusion in the head,
which bring out impatience or anxiety.

Then, can we live without having “tomorrow”?
Can we live “today” with the abandonment of the uncertain “tomorrow”?
“Reality” lies not tomorrow, but today.
To live without having tomorrow is to live today to the fullest.

Flowers in the wilderness live today as best they can.
They don’t care when they wither or die.
It is a figure of having no tomorrow, living through today.

To live “today”, this each moment of “now” is life,
and it has the true reality, fact and truth.
“Now” is everything of life and a sparkle of life.

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