Live with the Will of the Universe


To be with the will of God is to accept everything about life.
Because the motion of the universe is the motion of life itself.

Even if death comes right now,
it is the motion of life and the stern reality,
so we must accept it.
Nobody can escape from the reality of death and this fate of life.

Both living and dying consists in the flow of “life”.
It is the activity of life itself, the order of life and the motion of the universe.
If you avoid this “life” and not accept it,
you would deny the order of life and the universe itself.

Whatever happens, if it is “life”,
accept it as it is.
That is to love life
and live according to the order of life.

To accept the reality of life is also
to love “life”.

In such state,
everything that comes and happens are the stern reality of life,
so the life is full of joy.
Because it is the sacred motion of the universe,
and it is to live the motion directly.

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