Human Spirit and Nature


What makes human mind sound — It is nature.
Nature is a pure life,
and its appearance and motions make the mind rich.

However, many people in modern times are too indifferent to nature.
Nature is fuller of mystery than anything else
and contains the divinity,
but sensitivity of modern people toward nature is too poor.

Modern society is full of only artificial amusements and pleasures,
and the human mind is losing soundness and becoming sick.
Depression and mental illness have been increasing,
because the state of society today is sick itself.

Nature is a source of life and mystery of the world.
What wakes and regenerates human spirit is
not something artificial but the life of nature as it is.
This is exactly what constantly invigorates us.

Human spirit finds the entity of life and the truth
by having contact with the pure life, “nature”.
Where there is the truth, complete freedom of mind is found.
Fear, sorrow and dismay of life come to an end by being free.

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