Transcend Thought


Meditation is motion beyond thought.
Thought is merely memory,
and it remains being based on the past knowledge forever.
Knowledge is old and limited.

To the limitless to appear, the limited must end.
Knowledge has ending and always limited.
The infinity is in the fathomless field
which is unknowable and eternally unknown.

Knowledge is the known motion.
Knowledge only within the known field can’t enter the field of the unknown mystery.
Thought is limited itself,
and there is nothing you can do to transcend its own limit.

All thought has beginning and ending.
Things with the ending are limited and not everlasting.
Only by ending the limited thought, the door to the infinity opens.

Only when there is no knowledge or the past
but the empty state without any thought,
the dimension of limitless infinity opens.
Infinity is the eternal mystery of the universe and the divinity.

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