Spontaneous Meditation



Meditation is not to be tackled by your will or intention.

Where there are will and intention, desires are found,

and meditation caused by desires is not true.


You can’t invite meditation,

but it comes to you naturally and spontaneously.

If you have a sense of “meditating now”,

it is not meditation at all.


True meditation comes without any intention or motivation,

and it has no achievement or accomplishment.

If you have desires or motivation such as achieving something or experiencing something spiritual,

it is not meditation.


True meditation is an activity without any ego,

and it has no sense of “meditating now”.

It happens and goes just naturally and spontaneously,

and not done intentionally to achieve a goal.


Trying to “meditate from now” is not meditation.

It is merely a desire and ego with motivation.

True meditation is an activity caused in the state of complete selflessness

without knowing that you are meditating.

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