Feel Entity


To find out entity,
you must be free from biased thought and outer influence.

If you are affected by others’ opinions
or obsessed over your own prejudice, you can’t find out entity.
It is the same as belonging to conventional tradition.

To discover entity, you must transcend everything.
Where there is creativity, the door to entity lies.
Creativity of life comes from the independent spirit.
It doesn’t need any outer influence and is independent.

Entity and truth are not what others teach you.
They are what you find out yourself.
If you only cling to books written by others and various religious teachings,
you can’t discover life by yourself.

Creativity of life explodes when it transcends everything.
It is important to transcend and break down every influence and existing idea
such as man-made philosophy, religion, science, study —
and to pursuit “life” and discover it alone.

It is “you” who discover true entity,
and nobody teaches you.
Whether you don’t rely on anything and start your journey of discovering life.
Everything depends on it.

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