Divinity of the Universe


We live constantly surrounded by sacred mystery of the universe.
There are planets and stars in the sky, while diverse animals and plants exist on the ground.
Rivers are shining with the sunlight and the vast ground supports everything.

All of them are equally lives,
and existence of the lives are mystery of the universe itself.
However, most people live without feeling the mystery of the universe.
Sensitivity toward the universe and mystery,
without this sensitivity, life would be tedious and gray.

Have you ever listened to chirping of birds?
Have you ever listened to whispering of wind?
Both chirping of birds and whispering of wind are equally songs of life.
The song contains the wisdom of the universe.

Have you ever seen beauty of simple grasses on the road?
Have you ever seen fairylike flowers blossoming in chorus in spring?
Grasses and flowers are irreplaceable lives and great mystery.

Lives existing in the world are all divine,
The divinity evokes sacred feelings in your mind.
The universe and your heart are one, always resonate and sympathize.
Human mind is impressed and delighted by creation of the universe, and feels bliss by the divinity.

The mystery of the universe is not somewhere faraway,
but it is found in everything each moment.
What is happening right now at this moment is the creation of the world.
Creation is occurring now and never stops.
Everything at this moment is divine.

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