Limit of Thought


Human thought can’t encounter mystery of life.
Mystery is in the dimension beyond materials,
but thought is material. Because it is the function of the brain.
Thought remains within the frame of the brain forever.

Whatever people think, it is the material process.
Thought is merely a memory, and memory is the past.
The past is knowledge and knowable.

The knowable is not mystery.
Mystery is unknown and eternally unknowable.
Thought itself is within the field of the known
and can’t enter the unknown dimension.

People may imagine the cosmos, think about figures of God,
or picture the next life and worlds in the different dimensions.
However, as soon as we think like that, it becomes known,
and it is not the unknown mystery any more.

Are images in the head actually true?
They are only delusion and illusion based on desires or ideals.
True mystery is not found in images in the head.
Thought, images, ideas — All of these are just material processes.

For the dimension beyond materials or fathomless mystery to appear,
thought of material processes must end.
By completely stopping the limited motion of thought,
there would be the infinite space untouchable by thought.

The space contains the unknown.
It is the vast unknown expanse, the boundless expanse of mystery.
Only by stopping the limited thought, mystery of the universe is disclosed.

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