Solitude and Meditation


True meditation always happens in solitude.
Beauty of meditation doesn’t appear in groups.
Meditation is motion happening in solitary silence,
and the deep silence brings in sharpness of mind.

Quiet mind has sharper attentiveness.
Only in quiet mind and silent space, you realized many things.
You can’t sharpen sensitivity in groups and noises.
It is deep solitary silence to sharpen mind and sensitivity.

Deep silence and quietness in mind are with solitude.
Where you chat with others, it is not silent at all.
If your television and radio are on, beauty of silence breaks.

Beauty of meditation is beauty of silence.
It is beauty with silence of the universe,
and meditation is to open the mind toward mystery of the universe.

By facing the universe and clearing your mind in silence,
you would encounter the true nature of life which you haven’t realized.
In solitude and silence, you can naturally sharpen attentiveness,
and cultivate ability of realization.

Solitude is the basement of true meditation,
and significance of meditation is lost without it.

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