What is Free Life?


What is free life?
If your mind clings to something, you are not free.

Mind clinging to something means that you obsess over something.
Your pleasure, satisfaction, sense of happiness…
You obsess over things which satisfy them.
You obsess only to maintain “yourself”.

However, if you obsess like this, you would never be free.
Freedom is immovable mind without clinging to anything.
Spirit clinging to something constantly has anxiety and fear.
You obsess only because you are anxious and afraid.

If you have the mind immovable by anything, your life is free.
It is the mind which doesn’t obsess over anything
such as pleasure, self-contentment or happiness.

You want to mentally maintain “yourself”,
which forms self-obsession in mind.
Freedom is not to seek anything about “yourself”.
It is to stop clinging to “yourself”.

Life which has stopped seeking and has abandoned “yours”
would never have fear or anxiety.
Roots of fear and anxiety come from obsessing over yourself.
The self-abandoned life has no chaos of mind.

When you stop obsessing over self-preservation, you begin to be free.

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