Pleasure and Spirit


Life only with pursuit of pleasure would be just mediocre.
It is immature to pursue only pleasure,
and whether it is worldly or religious, it doesn’t matter.

Pleasure to seek and experience God.
It is nothing more than worldly and sensual pleasure.
Where there is pursuit of pleasure, no solemnity is found,
and there are only self-achievement, self-contentment and self-obsession which are full of ego.

Why do we seek pleasure?
Is it because we don’t like to be vacant in mind and empty in ourselves?
We are afraid of vacancy inside, therefore we seek pleasure.
Because pleasure fills the vacancy.

However, no matter what kind of pleasure it is, it is merely temporary and extinctive,
and it would disappear sooner or later. Nothing lasts forever.
We seek pleasure because of fear, and we fear of losing the pleasure.
Where we seek pleasure, there is a jail of fear and agony.

It is important to see this structure of spirit, pleasure and fear.
if the spirit is not tied to the frame of pleasure or fear but completely free,
solemnity and sincerity come there.

Where we purify the mind out of petty pursuit of pleasure and live fearlessly,
we have true freedom and beauty of spirit, then rich personality and wisdom bloom.

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