Creation of the World


We live in the world of creation.
The world incessantly continues the creation.

It is said that “The world was created”,
and creation is not the past but has been progressing at present.
We live in the middle of creation right now.
You yourself are a part of the great creation of the universe.

Creation has kept on happening each moment.
It is creation that the sun, the moon and many planets circle.
It is creation that birds fly in the sky and fish swims in the river.
It is creation that plants grow and green buds grow.

Everything is creation and motion of life,
and the motion never stops.
If it is still, it’s not “life”.
“Life” is alive and constantly moving.

Creation of the world is the existence of life itself,
and eternally keeps on coming and being.

Have you ever felt mystery and miracle of creation?
We live with creation and as creation itself every moment.
Because you are a part of the creation.

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