Limitless Meditation


Meditation is limitless.
It always expands and stretches,
and it is the everlasting motion of discovery and creation.

Meditation is learning, pursuing and discovering.
There are infinite learning, pursuing and discovering.
If you have nothing to learn, the life would decline.
Life without any discovery or pursuit is like an old junk.

“Life” is infinite.
“Life” is fathomless.
“Life” is full of mystery.

“Life” is something unknowable forever,
therefore human meditation continues forever.

There is infinite learning from life.
Fields to pursue and discover are infinite.
This infinite creativeness is great meditation,
and possibilities coming from it are infinite.

Knowledge and words are limited.
To start meditation open to infinite possibilities,
every knowledge, word and past must be cleared away.

For new discovery to happen,
all the old must end.
By completely finishing the limited, the infinite door opens up.

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