Journey from the Unknown to the Unknown


Meditation is a journey from the unknown to the unknown.
Meditation is a journey to discover something new,
and it is constantly within the field of the unknown.
It is unknown, therefore it contains the new.

In the field of the known, meditation is not found.
The known belongs to knowledge, memory and the past.
The past never brings in anything new.
It is repetition of the old and has no new discovery.

Meditation is a motion to intervene in the unknown mystery
and to transcend the known such as knowledge, memory and image.
By ending the known, the unknown comes.

The known is already known
and has no new discovery.
Creativeness of life constantly lies within the unknown.
Creation is to freshen a life itself,
and the old past must end to make it happen.

Only in the field of the unknown, you can encounter mystery and God.
Because God is infinite and unknowable.
Nobody knows it, so it is mystery and unfathomable.

Journey to the unknown God — that is meditation.

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